Best Mobile Baccarat Casinos

This game is by far one of the easiest casino games to learn how to play. This good news gets even better however, as it is not only very straightforward, it also offers players a remarkably low house edge! This means that the odds favour you to win, and the game will suit all fans of mobile casino games, whether they prefer betting more conservatively or like to think of themselves as high rollers.

History of the Game

There is an interesting back-story to the game of mobile baccarat Kenyan casino players are enjoying so widely at the moment, and it is one that stretches right back to the 1400s! The Italian word for zero is behind the name, and it was first brought into the gambling limelight more than 600 years ago by the French nobility.

There are generally three types of mobile baccarat players can enjoy today, and they go by the names of chiming de far, punto banco, and banquet. There are slight variations on the ways the cards are dealt in each game, and online casinos will allow players mini tables sporting lower limits than they may have been used to at land-based ones.

Choosing a Baccarat Casino

Deciding on where to play can take up a lot of your valuable time, and, like the rest of the working world, you probably do not have that much of it to spare! Take a look at the mobile casinos featured right here on this website, and get yourself into the mobile baccarat games you enjoy quicker, and play them longer as a result! All of the gambling houses on offer here are fully licensed, regulated by reputable third-parties, and will offer you the safety and security you have come to expect from the time you spend enjoying Kenyan virtual casinos. Enjoy this great game on your iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone or Android, among others, and start reaping the rewards of gambling on the go!

TOP mobile baccarat CasinosMay 2024
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How to Play Mobile Baccarat

Players will try to correctly guess which of the two hands on the table will hold the highest score, that of the banker or that of the player, or whether the hands will result in a tie. Guesses are made before the cards are dealt, and an amount is wagered on which result the player thinks will occur.

Two cards are then dealt to the banker and player, and totals are scored by the values of each card being tallied up. Face-cards and tens are worth nothing, aces one point each, and the remainder as per the number on the card.

Neither hand may go beyond nine points and, in the cases where they do, only the last digit would count. Should a total end up as 15 points, the hand would be reduced to five points, and so on, with the highest possible score being nine, and the lowest zero.

Enjoy a Game of Mobile Baccarat Right Now!

This is a very easy game to play, and its quick pace and excitement will leave you breathless. Players of any level of casino experience will be able to jump in and enjoy the game, and the next big winner could be you!