About MobileCasinos.co.ke

MobileCasinos.co.ke has been launched as an online resource for all Kenyans looking for the best in casino entertainment for their mobile. This fully fledged mobile casino comparison site offers insight into what the top rated Kenyan mobile gambling establishments have to offer and how they fare when measured against other top brands. The driving purpose of this website is to create a one stop online destination for all things Kenyan mobile gambling related and to assist players in finding casinos that are best suited to their exacting requirements. Our experienced team of reviewers comprises of Kenyan and international casino experts, all of who have a wealth of experience in the industry.

A team with experience

Our team is made up of skilled mobile casino experts and includes those with an extensive knowledge of software and security and a very strong gaming background in both brick and mortar casinos and the virtual online environment. Each member of staff at MobileCasinos.co.ke contributes to making this site the best it can be and we constantly update our information to ensure that you always enjoy the latest news, biggest bonuses and most recently released games.

We strive towards excellence and focus on Kenyan players searching for the same, and we test drive each site on the mobile device it was intended for. Our reviewers are dedicated to growing mobile gambling in Kenya by providing players with current information that is both useful and reliable. All the articles you find on this site have been written by those with extensive knowledge of the industry and we pride ourselves in offering you thee facts about gaming on the go.

Keeping up with a fast growing mobile casino industry

We understand that the African mobile industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and that in Kenya almost everyone has a mobile device of some type or another. We want to assist those with a passion for gambling in selecting a mobile casino that’s trusted and reputable, and we want to ensure that safe and secure play is always enjoyed.

We know that there are rogue casinos out there and that some sites are less than safe, or will sell your data and pass on your confidential information, so our experts examine each casino individually and ensure that only those that pass an extensive array tests make it onto our list of recommended sites. By choosing sites that are licensed and regulated MobileCasinos.co.ke ensures that each casino is backed by credentials from a reliable gaming authority and that players can gamble with complete peace of mind.

An online resource for mobile players

Kenyan players can easily make use of our site and we’ve made it as simple and straightforward as possible for players to select a mobile casino that caters to their specific needs. You’ll instantly be able to see the size of the buses on offer, the device compatibility available and rating that a casino has been given, and with a single click or swipe of your screen you’ll be transported to a mobile casino that offers incredible gaming in the palm of your hand. Let MobileCasinos.co.ke and the team behind this site guide you to the best Kenyan mobile casinos and you can start having fun and winning big with ease.